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November 2017 Archives

Francisco J. Núñez Named Musical America's 2018 Educator of the Year

Musical America has named Francisco J. Núñez, artistic director and founder of the Young People's Chorus of New York City, its 2018 Educator of the Year. Mr. Núñez is among five recipients recognized by Musical America for their artistic excellence and achievements in the arts for 2018. The others are Andris Nelsons (Artist of the Year), Mason Bates (Composer of the Year), Augustin Hadelich (Instrumentalist of the Year), and Sondra Radvanovsky (Vocalist of the Year).

Only four other individuals have previously received the organization's Educator of the Year Award. They are Dorothy Delay, Joseph W. Polisi, Vivian Perlis, and Jose Antonio Abreu.

"What the Young People's Chorus is about, for Núñez, is social engineering and community building--bringing together children of different racial, religious, and economic backgrounds, and having them bond by working for common artistic goals."

Bard Microcollege Opens in Brooklyn

It's a thrill to announce the launch of the second Bard Microcollege, this one in partnership with Brooklyn Public Library.

What is a Bard Microcollege? Check out this morning's Wall Street Journal

Think of it as BPI, without the prison. A full-time, full-scholarship academic program culminating in a Bard associate's degree. Cost of books is covered, and classes are small, in-person seminars. The curriculum is identical to BPI's. Fantastic community-based organizations and social service agencies are referring great candidates from low-income communities who will make extraordinary, unconventional, ambitious college students. Admission begins this week and classes get underway in January, right in central Brooklyn.
The first Microcollege was established last year in Holyoke, MA in partnership with The Care Center, a remarkable community-based educational organization serving young mothers. All their students are struggling financially and have seen their educations deterred. Now, they are enrolling with Bard, at no cost, in downtown Holyoke.

These projects are possible because of the extraordinary achievements of BPI students and alumni. They are the best evidence that the way we provide college access in America is broken, that we must reimagine the opportunity, cost, and expectations associated with higher education nationwide. BPI is honored to partner with the Brooklyn Public Library in this effort to do just that.

We're off to the races and will report back soon.
Sincerely Yours, 

Max Kenner 

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