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August 2013 Archives

Can you smell autumn 2013 coming?

I can. Even though it's only end of August, suddenly we have a cool day, or rather a beautiful day, great light, crisp air, a harbinger of Autumn ... you can tell apples are right around the corner along with students flooding back to school, smart phones at the ready, hungry to learn, deeply in debt. And I am excited and pondering all the great questions which have tortured me since I was old enough to think: What is life all about? Why am I on a world that has other spheres up in the sky orbiting us? Are there other intelligent beings out there? If so, where? Are we part of a bubble multi-verse? How does the mind work? Does anyone read this blog?

These are some of the questions we try to answer at the Hunter College Writing Center in the Spring with our "Great Thinkers" series. Not the blog question, but all the others. So back to Fall ... let me tell you about an autumnal Writing Center 2013 ... about the cultural events we offer, with guest speakers and refreshments all free of charge, about Randolph Churchill, great-grandson of Winston Churchill who will be speaking in the Danny Kaye Playhouse October 29 as part of the Tina Santi Flaherty Winston Churchill Series; about Cathleen Schine, author of The Three Weissmans of Westport, and Fin and Lady, a brilliant author whom you won't want to miss. Let me remind you that Edward Hirsch, one of America's finest poets and president of The Guggenheim Foundation will be holding forth as this year's Jack Burstyn Memorial Lecture speaker (I've never heard a better talk on poetry than Edward's); that Kitty Pilgrim, an extraordinary suspense novelist and formerly an anchor on CNN television will be delivering the Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas lecture; that this year's Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney Connor Writer-in-Residence will be Barbara Goldsmith, author of Little Gloria ... Happy At Last, and Obsessive Genius, the prize-winning story of Madame Curie. We will also continue to offer a distinguished group of fiction and non-fiction writing courses with Daphne Merkin teaching a master class, Sidney Offit, Beena Kamlani, Danielle Blau, Nancy Kelton, Grace Edwards, and Sharon Johnson, as well as new courses with Susan Shapiro Barash who will be teaching "Writing For and About Women," and Yona Zeldis McDonough who will offer a course on "How To Create Non-Fiction That Sells."

Did I ask you if you can smell Autumn in the air? Now, I hope you can actually taste it. When it comes to New York Culture ... you can't do better than the Hunter College Writing Center CE. Please join us this Fall and learn why we are so proud of our programs. #

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