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Matthew GoldsteinA Glimpse into the Future
By Dr. Matthew Goldstein
This past June I ended my fourteen years as Chancellor of The City University of New York. In 1991, when I was appointed by the CUNY Board of Trustees, I had limited appreciation of the impact one might have on the future direction of this great university. But with the support of CUNY board chair and former Yale University President Benno Schmidt and the rest of the board....READ MORE
2013: The Year of Children First
By Ernest A. Logan
This should be a school year when “children first” becomes more than a slogan but a movement that goes directly to the heart of the matter about children’s health and safety.   If our kids aren’t healthy and safe, we can’t expect them to attend school regularly and move....READ EDITORIAL
Harold S. KoplewiczTips for Teachers and Parents on the First Day of School
By Harold S. Koplewicz, MD
As parents and teachers, we begin a new school year with fresh energy and enthusiasm. Parents look forward to new teachers and new learning opportunities for our children, and we hope that they’ll inspire our kids to learn and thrive. Perhaps most important, we hope....READ MORE
Mary BrabeckNew Standards To Prepare Educators
By Mary Brabeck, Ph.D.
Chair of The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation is adopting new standards for accreditation of primary and secondary schools across the nation. The council will be looking for higher levels of learning, specific recruiting of teachers who are for example....READ MORE
Ronald P. StewartLooking Forward in Education
By Ronald P. Stewart
The fundamentals of a great educational system will not, and have not changed. Great teachers make great schools, and the interaction between the individual teacher and student will continue to prevail as the critical factor in a young person’s education. Of course technology will play an increasing role, and part of technology’s attraction is that it makes it cheaper to deliver....READ MORE


Outstanding Educators of the YearA Brilliant Gathering of Outstanding Educators of the Year 2013 at the Harvard Club
The Outstanding Educators of the Year 2013 from the Harvard Club in New York City on June 24, 2013, honoring Distinguished Leaders in Education, Dr. Mary Brabeck, Dr. Lisa S. Coico and Dr. Susan Fuhrman, as well as over 30 teachers and principals....READ ARTICLE & WATCH VIDEO
Best LessonsOutstanding Educators of the Year Share Best Lessons & Gold Medals
By Dr. Pola Rosen
Harvard Club was the venue for the 11th year of Education Update’s celebration of the Outstanding Educators of the Year. Amidst the rich, wood paneling of Harvard Hall on the main floor, with impressive paintings of former....READ MORE
Rockefeller UniversityRockefeller University Surf and Science Outreach Summer Session 2013
This video shows the 2013 participants of the Summer Science Research Program (SSRP) and their projects. The program at Rockefeller University gives students an opportunity to conduct researches under a mentor at one of the world's premier biomedical research facilities....WATCH VIDEO
Barbara T. EtraAcademic Excellence on the Upper East Side: Park East Day School - Barbara T. Etra
Outstanding kindergarten to eighth grade education in Upper East Side private school including religion, state of the art science labs, NASA programs, unique art and music programs and award-winning teachers and award-winning students....WATCH VIDEO INTERVIEW & READ INTERVIEW
Kids and Parents Clean up Historic Denyse Wharf
By Dr. Merryl Kafka
Under the direction of Thomas F. Greene, students are introduced to marine sciences using a neglected Wharf in the New York City Harbor as a “lab”....READ MORE
Dr. Jacqui LewisThe Middle Project Develops Leaders for Today & Tomorrow
By Mohammad Ibrar
The Middle Project, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to developing leaders with sound moral and ethical values who can inspire change toward the betterment of humanity. Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis, Executive Director, gives her perspective on the ins and outs of the organization....READ MORE
Outstanding Educators of the Year 2013SLIDESHOW
Outstanding Educators of the Year 2013 Photos

A photo slideshow of the Outstanding Educators of the Year 2013 awards breakfast from the Harvard Club in New York City on June 24, 2013. The event honors Distinguished Leaders in Education and 30 Outstanding Teachers and Administrators in NYC. Photos are by André Beckles....WATCH SLIDESHOW
Ernest Logan and Jill LevyCSA Celebrates New Headquarters, Historic Leaders
By Valentina Cordero & Erica Anderson
Council of School Supervisors and Administrators President Ernest Logan welcomed guests to their new Manhattan headquarters and dedicated rooms to the organization’s visionary leaders, including former CSA President, Jill Levy....READ MORE
Dwight SchoolDwight School Opens New Athletic Center and Launches Model Community Partnership
By Sybil Maimin
The Dwight School opened its new athletic center, a product of a partnership with the East River Landing Cooperative and extensive renovations to the co-op’s sports facility, which will be used to expand Dwight’s athletics programs....READ MORE
Phyllis FrankfortW!SE Honors Top-Performing High Schools in Financial Literacy
By Danielle M. Bennett
W!SE (Working in Support of Education) program recognized high schools with top financial literacy programs at the New York Stock Exchange. Financial education is important to student in life after high school....READ ARTICLE & WATCH VIDEO
Dwight Hosts Education & Technology Conference
By Mohammad Ibrar
The fourth annual TEDxNYED Conference was organized around the theme of “Inside-Outside,” focusing on topics about education from inside and outside schools and the ramifications of technology in education.....READ MORE
Outward Bound & Harvard Grad Ed School Found Expeditionary Learning
By Gillian Granoff
Expeditionary Learning curricula empower their students to be their own leaders and to explore and preserve the foundation of traditional academics on a non-traditional journey....READ MORE
Twitter12 Tips for Using Twitter in the Classroom
By Starr Sackstein, NBCT
They're under desks. In hoodie front pouches. In giant purses, lurking in boots or even undercover in a binder. Phones are out. They aren't supposed to be, but students are covertly examining Facebook, Twitter and other personal "non-school" media on school time....READ MORE


Alan AldaLearning in the Digital Age: Scientific American Comes to Google Headquarters
By Rachel Scheer
Leaders from multiple fields gathered at the Scientific American and Macmillan Science and Education Executive STEM Summit in Google Headquarters in New York City....READ MORE
The Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science
By Christine O’Connell
The Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science works to make communication an essential part of scientific education at several levels through many programs, including the Flame Challenge....READ MORE
SUNY and MOOCs A La Carte
By Anita Reetz
SUNY Schools talk about collaborating with Coursera, a leader in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses....READ MORE
Perspectives on the Tech Revolution
By Bharanidharan Rajakumar
A leader in education technology reports about helping students learn, via an online webinar and offline events, changes in the common core math standards. Also discussed is the problem of a lack of good technological infrastructure at many schools....READ MORE
From Israel to New York: Top Sci-Tech Students Share Inventions
By Valentina Cordero
Israeli high school students present their original science-technology inventions in NYC....READ MORE
Google in Education
By Jaime Casap
The debate over technology in schools has shifted from whether or not technology should be used in schools to how technology should be used in education....READ MORE


Dean Jerrold RossProfiles in Education:
Exclusive Interview with Dean Jerrold Ross, St. John’s University, School of Education

By Dr. Pola Rosen, Transcribed By Yehuda Bayme
Dean Jerrold Ross discusses his career at St. John’s, the faculty, the unique programs the school offers, and the problems that the administration must handle....READ INTERVIEW
Joyce CowinThe Cowin Financial Literacy Project at Teachers College Earns Kudos
Transcription By Danielle Bennett
The Cowin Financial Literacy Project at Teachers College, Columbia University offers teachers and principals courses in teaching high school students financial literacy. Approved by Chancellor Walcott, NYC, and Commissioner King, NYS, this program will be replicated in Minnesota and several other states....READ MORE
Giving Their Regards To TC Way
By Joe Levine
The new school started off with a newly paved and renamed street at Teachers College....READ MORE
Phyllis KossoffPhyllis Kossoff Lecture: Helen Clark & Jonathan Fanton Speak
Transcribed By Valentina Cordero
Helen Clark was featured in the Phyllis Kossoff 2013 lecture presented by the Public Policy Institute at Hunter College where she discussed her childhood, accomplishments, and goals....READ MORE

President Diane Call Queensborough Academies: Expanding the Mission of Holistic Education at the Community College Level
By Dr. Diane B. Call
In order to boost student retention rates and transfer rates to four year colleges, Queensborough Community College is launching the Queensborough Academies, a program which gives students a holistic approach to learning.....READ MORE


Sara Daum: Dir., Children’s Academy & Clinical Dir., McCarton Center

Interviewed By Dr. Pola Rosen. Transcribed By Valentina Cordero
Sara Daum, Director of the Children’s Academy and Clinical Director of the McCarton Center for Developmental Pediatrics discusses speech & language development....READ INTERVIEW
Dr. Peter EdenSmartphones in the Classroom? 2013 Learning Disabilities Innovation Symposium at Landmark College
The symposium at Landmark College brings to light innovation in technology to help teach students with Learning Disabilities. Some of the methods include solutions for dyslexia, “tinkerplots” for statistical reasoning, “pencasts”, and mobile apps for live feeds....READ MORE
Windward SchoolWindward School Hosts Panel on Dyslexia
By Rich Monetti
The Windward School in White Plains hosted a dyslexia panel before an audience of parents, teachers and students and screened the HBO documentary, “The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia”. Among the subjects featured were some very high-profile dyslexics such as Richard Branson and Charles Schwab....READ MORE


Dr. Richard Payne: Understanding Hospice Care

By Joan Baum, Ph.D.
"Hospice care is poorly understood by most Americans," says Dr. Richard Payne, an educator and medical expert who is at the center of this critical movement to meet the medical, emotional and spiritual needs for all patients....READ MORE
The Dean and the Dolphins

By Jacob M. Appel, MD, JD
Psychiatrists from Mount Sinai’s medical school provided the gravitas and Israeli dolphins the entertainment this past June as the UJA-Federation of New York’s Mental Health Professionals Division honored Dennis S. Charney, the Dean of the Icahn School of Medicine....READ MORE


Tori SaltzA Summer Reading Connection
By Tori Saltz
An 8th grader shares her thoughts about her studies of the Holocaust. She compares her reading of Anee Frank’s diary with her recent visit to Berlin. An 8th grader shares her thoughts about her studies of the Holocaust. She compares her reading of Anee Frank’s diary with her recent visit to Berlin....READ MORE
From Manhattan to the Mountains of Nepal

By Julia Qian
A student goes to Nepal for a hiking trip and discovers how nature, though often overlooked, is very powerful....READ MORE


Interview with Peace Garden Project Founders Scott Massarsky & Jennifer Levine
By Dr. Pola Rosen And Valentina Cordero
A peace garden grows in New Jersey: Jennifer Levine and Scott Massarsky work as artists-in-residence in schools to produce songs and murals that express childrens’ ideas about peace, beauty, creativity and their vision for the world....READ MORE


Arthur KatzThe Supreme Court Speaks: The Current Status of Affirmative Action in College Admissions
By Arthur Katz, J.D.
Most colleges may determine that they should no longer explicitly consider race as a factor in their admissions policy due to the high threshold needed to justify the practice....READ MORE


Review of ‘Magnificent Mistakes in Mathematics’
By Merri Rosenberg
A new book by Alfred Posamentier and Ingmar Lehmann seeks to “entertain the reader with a collection of wrong conclusions” by famed mathematicians, and present mathematics as a delightful intellectual exercise that enhances critical thinking across all disciplines....READ REVIEW
Review of ‘10 Lessons From New York City Schools: What Really Works to Improve Education’
By Merri Rosenberg
In his new book, Eric Nadelstern shares practical advice for improving education culled from years of experience as a classroom teacher, principal, superintendent and deputy chancellor with the NYC Department of Education....READ REVEW
The Biology Of Luck by Jacob M. Appel
Reviewed By Merri Rosenberg
Dr. Jacob Appel writes a new novel about the adventures that one man encounters in a day in New York City....READ MORE
Review of ‘Mission To Teach: The Life and Legacy of a Revolutionary Educator’
By Merri Rosenberg
A father’s tribute in this intimate biography/memoir is a vivid portrait of a dynamic, brave young woman who overcame personal challenges and held true to her vision of what education could be, and whose luminous spirit touched the lives of all who encountered her until her death at age 31....READ REVIEW


Koch DocumentaryKoch Documentary: Conversation Between Barsky & Goodwin Provide Insights
By Danielle M. Bennett
Pulitzer prize winning Journalist Michael Goodwin talks with director Neir Barsky about his recent film documentary about former Mayor Ed Koch. The two discuss the portrayal in the film of the mayor handling race issues, him handling gay rights, the mayor’s own sexual orientation, New York City at that period in time, and other anecdotes about his life....READ MORE
Movie Review: “Please Be Normal”
By Joan Baum, Phd
Please Be Normal is a new movie that explores the relationships in life when an unmarried couple are having a baby, trying to foster a career, and the intricate and delicate nuances of a father-in-law, a woman in trouble, the humanity of man which can be misconstrued as infidelity and the complexities of life in general....READ REVIEW
No Place‘No Place On Earth’: Astonishing New Holocaust Survival Tale
By Jan Aaron
For educators looking for a new inspiring story when teaching about the Holocaust, a must see movie is Janet Tobias’ “No Place on Earth,” an amazing tale of two Jewish families which survived by living underground!....READ REVIEW

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