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About Vicki Cobb

VIcki Cobb.jpgVicki Cobb

Ever since 1972, when HarperCollins first published "Science Experiments You Can Eat," Vicki Cobb's lighthearted approach to hands on science has become her trademark for getting kids involved in experiences that create real learning. Now, almost 90 books later, you can see kids in action, doing science from her book "We Dare You!" in the hilarious one-minute videos published on her Web site. "Science Surprises," Vicki's fast-paced one-woman show for kids, has been seen in every state but North Dakota (she's waiting for an invitation) and is now available through videoconferencing. She is also in demand for her motivational keynote speeches and teacher in-services.

After an early career as a laboratory scientist, junior-high science teacher, host of her own nationally syndicated science show for kids and original staff-writer for Good Morning America, Vicki committed herself to full-time writing for children.

She has won numerous awards including a Sibert Honor for "I Face the Wind." She is one of the original bloggers for Interesting Nonfiction for Kids (INK) that has been achieving a wide readership and was first runner-up in the Edublog Awards for 2009. She was also just named one of the top 15 blogs on reading and literacy. Currently, she is president and founder of INK Think Tank: Nonfiction Authors in Your Classroom. The mission of INK Think Tank is to provide professional development for teachers and panel discussions for educators' meetings by her team of award-winning nonfiction authors using Web 2.0 technology.

Vicki lives with her husband in Greenburgh, N.Y., where her office looks out on a pond visited daily by an unattached white egret.

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