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What is a President?

He is the embodiment of hope and the agent of change. President Obama: The most powerful leader in the free world, crisscrossing the nation: crisscrossing the globe to affect change.                                    

He is our 44th American President. The people's choice. The winner of a contentious race, he stands tall, with arms which remain   extended outward, embracing all of  his constituents. President Obama, the deliverer, securing the future dreams of Latino  youth caught is a quagmire of despair.                                            

He is Barack Hussein Obama, father, husband, scholar, and  friend : the one that burns the midnight oil in the White House as the nation sleeps...while  the disquieting events at home and abroad which need addressing, keep him awake at night.                

He is the Commander in Chief of the U. S. Armed Forces who organized and ordered the death of the venomous Osama  bin Laden.  As a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, he reigns as hope  personified in an era of economic depression, political challenges,  and environmental unrest.  

President Obama is "the best that is  yet to come." And  we trust that God will hold him close and grant him the fulfillment of the hope and change that he earnestly prays for.             

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