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Re: "The Flag and the Hornets Nest," By Ron Isaac

Mr. Isaac, like a brilliant lawyer, has skillfully placed the facts before the people to examine. Surely, teaching has its challenges as teachers earnestly try each day to engage students in a lesson. Our young audience today, unlike the audience of yesteryears, centuries ago, are bombarded with drama and glitzy presentations all day in the media which catch their attention. No longer can teachers present mealy-mouthed lessons and expect kids to stay tuned. "So let the rumpus begin!" (to quote Maurice Sendak,) as we use every visual and tactile and auditory device possible in the classroom. In fact, we are encouraged to bring the lesson to life because of the various learning modalities, learning styles, or multiple intelligences of our students.
This is a full shot of the Cleveland Avenue bu...

The Cleveland Avenue bus, which Rosa Parks made famous in December of 1955 when she refused to give up her seat to a white man in Montgomery, AL. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Therefore, I re-enact Rosa Parks' bus ride scene with children each year. And the students remember years later. "What is the color of your money?" Even 5 year olds know that it's green as they finally get on board the bus and sing freedom songs. Yes, as teachers, we sing to and with our students, play chess with them and enjoy teaching and learning with them. Teaching is a lively art. "That's what we do!"

However, in my opinion, there are two things we don't do: We don't tread on the American Flag. And we don't threaten the President.
It's just unAmerican.

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