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What Did You Do This Summer

A Productive Summer

By Annie Nova

My three-month long summer vacation was really not much of a vacation. I worked at The Writing Center at Hunter College, planning the 2014-2015 program of writing courses and speaking events by authors. As a reporter for Education Update I got to attend a host of exciting events - and even better - I got to write about them. I also took a five-week poetry workshop where I wrote until my fingers wanted to fall off and met some amazingly talented people. I hit the keyboard more than the beach and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Infinite Possibilities of Summer

By Hye-Jin Yun

As a student committed to rigorous science studies throughout the academic year, I am excited to use summer as an opportunity to explore my other interests. My past summer adventures have included: studying abroad at King's College London during the 2012 Olympics Game; interning at NY1 News and Barnard College's Office of Communications; and serving as a chemistry tutor for the Higher Education Opportunity Program. Each of these experiences allowed me to interact with a diverse group of people, hone my communications and leadership skills, and gain insight into various industries.  

This summer, I am about to embark on another great adventure. I have recently been selected as one of ten juniors at Barnard College to participate in The Athena Summer Fellowship Program. Through this ten-week program, I will engage in a self-selected internship as well as in education events aimed at building leadership skills. For the internship component of this program, I have decided to work at Bellevue Hospital Center's Department of Social Work in Psychiatry, where I will be serving patients with medical and psychiatric disorders. I also hope to continue pursuing my passion for broadcasting and media through assisting an Associate Producer for PBS with a television project related to health. I have found most of internship opportunities for this summer through my college or people I know. I am looking forward to being a proactive intern and making the most out of all my experiences.#

Hye-Jin Yun is a Neuroscience & Behavior major at Barnard College and the Student Government Junior Class Secretary and the Vice President of Programming, Columbia University Television at Barnard College, Columbia University.

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