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Waiting for Godot at Barrow St Theater

For a compelling evening at the theater attend the opening of Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot" in Yiddish at the Barrow Street Theatre, 27 Barrow Street, on Thursday September 4 at 7:30pm.

Still floating from their triumph at the Beckett Festival in Northern Ireland, the New Yiddish Rep troupe continues its unlikely journey, which started a year ago at the multicultural Castillo Theatre. Now the production is set to open the 7th annual Origin's 1st Irish Festival where it runs in competition at the Barrow Street Theatre thru September 21.

Many of us who have toiled in the trenches to keep the flame of Yiddish culture burning, are immensely gratified by the enthusiasm this groundbreaking production is sparking across a spectrum of groups.  Lovers of modern theatre, of Beckett, of Yiddish, and students of WW II and the Holocaust have been galvanized.  In many ways the audience gravitating to this production couldn't be more diverse.

That's the way New Yiddish Rep always wants it, as it dedicates itself to producing theatre of quality and consequence for a wide audience... in yiddish!

Yes we can have a meaningful impact on the broader contemporary culture.  And yes, Yiddish, which has astounded so many for its refusal to fade away, is poised to amaze anew. #

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