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Lehman College, Bronx Community College, and Hostos Community College Make History With a New Pact

New "Reverse Transfer System" is the First in New York City and State
The Presidents of the three CUNY colleges in the Bronx--Lehman College, Bronx Community College, and Hostos Community College--signed a pact that will make their students' lives much easier.
They will also made history.
All three schools--CUNY in the Bronx--agreeed to a historic "Reverse Transfer System"--the first Colleges in New York City and New York State to do so, and in the process showed once again, that all three are innovative education leaders. Reverse Transfer systems are part of a national educational trend. Colleges in Texas, Nebraska, Michigan, North Carolina and Missouri, to name a few, have been creating such systems for several years to increase students' success rates.

Simply put the new system will allow students at one of the Community Colleges to take any credits they earn at Lehman College and advance them towards their Associate Degree at their home school. In that sense credits earned at Lehman will be "transferred back" to Hostos and Bronx Community, enabling those students to increase the likelihood of graduating on time.
"This pact will not only make life easier for students, many of whom are Bronx-based, but it will help increase graduation rates," said Dr. Ricardo R. Fernández, President of Lehman College. "And when students complete their two-year Associate Degree, after tasting the success and satisfaction that brings, they are more likely to go on and earn a four-year degree and join the workforce. I would like to thank my colleagues Dr. Félix V. Matos Rodríguez, President of Hostos Community College, and Dr. Carole M. Berotte Joseph, President of Bronx Community College, for helping to make this possible."

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